Wrapped Up In The Company Store

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme… And  we certainly didn’t waiver from that theme when it came to decorating our bedroom. That’s right: neutral colors. White. Grey. Beige. Period! I have nothing against incorporating colors into my home decor. In fact, we’re still looking for the perfect accent color. With that being said, nothing screams homey & welcoming like simplicity.


I found the duvet, sheets, and towel set from The Company Store. Their jersey cotton sheets are like sleeping between two clouds! And I’m not talking about seat 18C on my flight back from Minnesota. I truly never want to get out of bed. Good thing our coffee pot has a timer on it.


All jokes aside: you spend so much of your time in your bedroom, just make sure it has the right energy and relaxes you every time you step in it!


Below are my picks:

The White Branson Duvet and Euro Pillow Sham


The White Organic Cotton Jersey Sheet Set 


The White Chevron Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

I have never slept so good! The sheets are so soft and everything is allergy friendly! 😉

Yours Truly,


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  • Your fashion is so inspiring. Living at home with my parents i don’t really have a chance to design my own style plus being broke. Lol. How did you get this far with your style showing it off and becoming inspirational?


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