White Truffle “Pasta”

Truffle. Truffle. Truffle. Enough said.


On Friday we had dinner with some friends at a well known vegan restaurant in LA: Crossroads. Everyone who had already eaten there raved about their truffle potatoes. It’s safe to say they lived up to the hype! So when we came across some truffle infused olive oil at Eataly earlier today, we couldn’t resist the urge to add it to our home cooked meals. Sunday is typically our cheat day, but it doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of our goals. It’s amazing how many healthy substitutes exist for those pleasure foods we end up regretting the next day on the elliptical. One of our absolute favorite items in that category is Banza pasta. With 25g of protein in their chickpea “pasta”, I promise even an italian couldn’t tell the difference.


So we brought those two ingredients together and made a meal that could feed a party of 10 or a quiet night for 2; most importantly: it won’t break the bank.




Wash and cut the vegetables. Drizzle them with the truffle oil and some garlic salt. You can air fry them (post about my new air fryer coming soon!) at 360 degree for roughly 10-12 minutes or bake them at 400 degrees for 15-20. Cook the Banza for 8-10 minutes in at least 8 cups of salted water. Mix together and voila!

With love,


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