Soft As A Baby’s Bottom: JOHNSON’S®

I have tried so many moisturizers on the market and a lot of them do not hydrate my skin as much as I’d like; especially, in the winter months. I am a huge proponent of using oil based products for my skin because most lotions have drying ingredients that work against being able to get the full hydration effect. I have been gravitating towards oil-based products because they tend to be more natural.  

Thinking about how babies literally have the softest skin, I thought: Why can’t I use the same products? They have safe ingredients for the skin and are gentle. I went to Target and bought some JOHNSON’S® baby oil products to test out on my skin. Since the baby oil is very dewy, I started putting it on areas that tended to be drying after the shower. Then, at night, I would put the JOHNSON’S® baby oil with aloe on my body. Keeping this as my routine for a while, I was very happy with how radiant and hydrated my skin was looking! I would definitely recommend this for anyone with sensitive or dry skin!

Another tip: When I run out of eye makeup removing wipes, I use my JOHNSON’S® baby oil to take off my eye makeup! The oil breaks down my waterproof mascara and eyeliner so quickly and gently.

If you try incorporating baby oil into your routine, let me know what you think! You can #babyyourskin with $1 OFF 1, $2.50 OFF 2 for products with this coupon!

***This blog post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S® but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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