Shopping For A TV

Let’s face it: moving stinks. Thankfully, after a long & stressful search, we found our dream apartment! After a deep sigh of relief, I quickly realized we now had another set of obstacles: how do I turn this empty canvas of an apartment into a home?

Like any sane millennial, the first priority was setting up our Wifi and Cable. Step 2? TV!! Let me just say, the amount of options out there is beyond overwhelming… And if you’re anything like me (just ask my friends and family), I am technology illiterate. But this was a decision I just couldn’t screw up.


So I started by prioritizing my needs:

  1. I knew I couldn’t live without Netflix or my favorite weekly shows (Hulu checks this box).
  2. Video quality is everything.
  3. Sound. Sound. Sound.
  4. For all of you out there with a boyfriend. I never thought I would need to consider Xbox compatibility as part of my decision…


Turns out this TCL TV has all of the features I need and is very user friendly. It has:

  • 4K UHD picture performance (3840×2160)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology
  • 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine
  • 120Hz CMI effective refresh rate
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi & Ethernet port
  • Stream 500,000 movies & TV episodes across thousands streaming channels

Basically this all means that I can watch Netflix, record my favorite shows, and have a really high quality picture while streaming. Can’t forget about Raul playing FIFA… I absolutely LOOVEEE it!

Yours Truly,


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