Love What You See


Taking care of your mind and body are so important to your own personal health.

Last weekend, Jamie King hosted a yoga class by LensCrafters® at Mondrian’s Skybar. During the class she talked about how important it is to take care of your health to honor your body. She shared that practicing self-love allows you to be more comfortable and loving in your own skin. When you are comfortable in your own skin, that is when you are really able to see the beauty in everything that surrounds you. #LoveWhatYouSee

I also had an opportunity to attend the In goop Health event with LensCrafters® and experience daily disposable contacts lenses which are so much more healthier for your eyes than longer wear contacts. I tried on Acuvue 1-Day Define which is more of an eye color enhancing contact lens vs. an opaque color-changing lens.  I love how these contacts made my eyes look brighter! I wore them for the day and got so many compliments! 🙂 They really bring out the natural color of your eyes and are super easy to use! Just pop them in in the morning and thrown them away at night. #SeeGoodDaily

I learned so much about eye health and vision care and how important it is to get your eyes checked yearly just as you would do with any other doctor. LensCrafters® makes it such a seamless process. Eye exams today are more than just getting an update on your prescription; they are about taking care of your vision and overall health in a comprehensive way. LensCrafters’ Clarifye  is a digital eye exam that gathers about five times more information about your vision. So…if you haven’t gotten your eye exam this year, I would definitely recommend setting up your appointment now at LensCrafters®. They really made the process thorough, yet quick!


Afterward, I ended up ordering the cutest glasses with lenses that have the ability to block harmful blue light. This is important for your eye health because we are all constantly staring at our phones or computers. Over time, this can damage your eyes. It is so important to be aware of this! The process of adding that enhancement to your glasses is easy! It is something you should keep in mind when you’re getting your next pair!


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