How To Host A Dinner Party

If you’re anything like me, then you’re happy to make any excuse to host a dinner party for friends and family. I love planning the evening from start-to-finish, from the music, to the utensils, to the lighting, and of course, the FOOD! Every element plays a key part in creating an unforgettable experience for my guests. To share some of my hosting knowledge I’ve pulled together my top three tips to keep in mind for the perfect dinner party:

Set The Mood

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests to relax in is EVERYTHING! If the mood is off, the entire evening will likely follow suit. I suggest making sure your party has at least these three mood-boosting elements: key lighting, a great playlist, and good seating.

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When it comes to lighting, this detail can easily transform the entire look and feel of a space instantly. Pay attention to the areas in your home where guests will be spending the most time and highlight these rooms with candles, string lights or a few lamps.

I usually spend an hour or so the day before the party sifting through my iTunes and putting together a lengthy mix of songs to shuffle throughout the evening. And lastly, no one wants to spend the entire night standing, so make sure your guests have a comfortable spot to sit and mingle.

Choose A Theme

I am not saying you need to choose between a 70s Roller Disco or 80s Flashback Party (although, those would be both be fun!), but having a theme for your party helps develop the aesthetic of the evening. Typically, I let the menu serve as the focal point and use it to guide all other details.

For instance, if I am making Spanish-inspired food, I like to incorporate details that align with the Spanish influence. From the music being played, to the scent of the candles on the table, to the style of the placemats and plating, each element stays true to the theme. I think that having a theme makes planning the party easier to manage and it also helps create a cohesive feel overall.

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Wine & Dine

While your guests might love the insta-worthy atmosphere you created or the amazing playlist you put together, the centerpiece of the party is without-a-doubt, the FOOD! Planning a menu is so much fun for me because I love taking the time to really think about each of my guests and coming up with something I know they can all enjoy.

With so many of my friends being Vegetarian or Vegan, I think it’s important to always have several menu options without meat. There is nothing worse than inviting a guest to your dinner party with nothing on the menu for them to eat!

And you can’t forget about delicious drinks! Again, staying true to the theme, I like to include cocktails and spirits that will complement each dish. If you want to have a little more control as the bartender, I would pre-mix the drinks and make them available for guests as desired. Or, you can set up a station with a variety of liquor choices and mixers and allow your guests the freedom to create their own custom concoctions!

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I hope these tips helped you all get some great ideas for planning your next dinner party! Remember, it’s all about setting the mood, sticking to a theme, and giving the people what they came for. Cheers to your next Dinner party success!

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