Favorite Protein: iFit Nourish

Life on the go can be fun, but it can also be draining! It’s particularly difficult for me to “fuel” my body since I keep what many would call a “strict diet”. Following a mostly vegan and gluten free lifestyle, I have to be especially conscious that I am getting enough protein to keep me going. I’ve found that as I schedule out my day, especially on days where I have a workout planned, it’s smart and easy to incorporate a protein shake.


I choose to order my personalized iFit protein monthly because I know exactly what I am getting and it’s tailored to my body. Each plant protein customization has protein, 13 essential vitamins, 12 different minerals, fruits and vegetables! Not to mention it’s a fun and easy online process to customize it for your body goals.


Go build your mix now and (for a limited time) enjoy a free trial of iFit with free shipping!

Yours Truly,



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